Case Study: HRE Wheels

HRE Wheels approached Gurnade to make a series of 15 renders of historic and modern cars on their brand new wheel lineup launching at the SEMA Show 2014.

For the 2014 SEMA Show, HRE Wheels released a new set of wheels known as the Classic Series that echoed a rich heritage of racing influence. We were approached by HRE Wheels for our technical expertise and professional rendering abilities.

Together, we identified a clean but brightly colored graphic look that could be applied to any number of vehicles and angles. The wheels were applied to various cars that best matched the look of each new wheel design. At the SEMA Show, they were printed and displayed next to each other like wallpaper that lined the back of their booth.

Mercedes-Benz SClass in metallic silver paint on HRE 309 Classic Series forged wheels.

HRE Flowform FF15 in Tarmac finish
HRE Flowform FF15 in Liquid Silver finish
HRE Flowform FF01 in Tarmac finish
HRE Flowform FF15 in Liquid Silver finish

In addition to the vehicle renders, we also created product renders of their newest Flowform wheel known as the FF15. The FF15 features a multi-spoke pattern, perfect for muscle cars and eurocars alike. Various finishes are available, including Liquid Silver (shown) and Tarmac (shown).

Flowform wheels begin with a pressure-case perform that is “stretched” to a specific flow formed profile and thickness. This flowform process improves the grain structure of the aluminum making it stronger, lighter, and more precise than a traditional cast wheel.

Case Study: DuPont

On behalf of Dupont, the Koncordia Group approached Gurnade to create a series of renders that showcased various parts and technology of a modern day fictional car.

Dupont Logo

In 2015, DuPont, a long time leader in automotive materials and applications, requested a requested a series of renders that illustrated their large catalog of products for the automotive industry. Teaming with the Koncordia Group, a marketing agency from Wilmington, Delaware, we created a fictional vehicle equipped with cutaway sections so hard-to-see parts could be seen.

In total, 6 renders were created and will be utilized in a web application where consumers will be able to click and learn about each of the products. The categories included: Overview, Powertrain Efficiency, System Lightweighting, Hybrid, Safety & Comfort, and Bio-based Materials.